Pokémon: Pikachu protagonist of his first ASMR video

The practice of videos ASMR has been gaining ground in recent years. Many users have decided, through social platforms including YouTube and Twitch, to take advantage of this trend. But what is ASMR? In Italian “autonomous apical sensory response” (autonomous sensory meridian response), which causes a tingling sensation in certain parts of the body when listening. Although there are still no scientific studies in this regard, this is not recognized as a therapeutic technique, but those who are preparing to publish certain videos have always declared themselves to be “artists”. In these hours an ASMR video of Pokémon starring the much loved Pikachu, the first real content to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand.

The 15-minute video, which you can see right below, sees the cute little yellow mouse playing with his own “coach” (we). Using headphones it is possible to use the movie as a real one video ASMR. We admit that we were particularly amazed at the vision of all this and how the Pokémon brand became the protagonist with this gimmick. Pikachu will play with us, throw a blue ball at us waiting for our “alter ego” to return it to him, all until he decides to fall asleep due to too much fatigue, like a pet.

This isn’t the first time Pokémon has pulled videos and / or items out of its hat definitely extravagant to harness the power of its brand. A recent example is the pillow in the shape of a Pikachu tail to sponsor the film “Detective Pikachu”. In short, the brand in addition to videogames, collectible cards, stickers and so on, has managed to make its way even with these particular ideas. The ASMR video ends up in this list, which will be able to make you smile longtime and old fans.

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