Overwatch 2 wants to change PvP between passive role-playing skills and revolutionized heroes

Reinhardt is the most obvious example of how PvP’s Overwatch 2 wants to propose really important innovations, capable of giving life to elements that for the players can represent the realization of natural and absolutely spontaneous behaviors.

In this sense, the Overwatch 2 team discussed different aspects starting from the feeling of the weapons, from their ability to convey, for example, the fact that the ammunition is about to run out. But this is really only the beginning, just one element that barely scratches the surface of a series of far more radical changes.

The will is to propose a different and new experience. There is room for role-playing passive abilities with, for example, damage heroes having a speed bonus, or healers that automatically heal allies after a certain amount of time they take no damage.

But back to Reinhardt. The hammer-wielding colossus is just one example of how Blizzard wants to modify tanks by making them more active fighters and present in melee rather than just the often very static defenders of other heroes. Reinhardt in the current build of Overwatch 2 can throw two bolts of fire before starting the cooldown of the ability and also the charge can be interrupted and be directed much more easily.

These are changes that could still be modified a lot but that want to accommodate the feeling of having a super aggressive and powerful hero in your hands.


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