Microsoft has plans to introduce a family plan for Xbox Game Pass. What without a doubt is news that many were waiting for. Well, as a service it has no competition within the video game industry. It’s often called the “Netflix of games,” because of the way Microsoft brings consistent content, whether triple-A, AA, or indies. In addition, all Microsoft games not only do not remove their First Party games, but they arrive on Game Pass the same day they are released. Xbox Game Pass provides access to over 350 games including EA PLAY, and all for a monthly fee.

Streaming services already offer this feature. A family plan on Spotify allows, for example, that several people can access the same subscription for a slightly higher rate than normal. With Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Now Available Worldwide, the number of new users is expanding exponentially. But it can also happen that once you have your new console, you plan to give your old Xbox One to a relative. And you may want to share your Xbox Game Pass membership with three, four, or even five of them.

Skyrim and other games announce their arrival on Xbox Game Pass at the Game Awards

EA Play recently joined Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft has plans to introduce a family plan for Xbox Game Pass

Something like a Game Pass family plan can be the door to introduce more people to the service And it is certainly the opportunity Xbox needs to further expand its subscriber base. Well it turns out that Microsoft is working on this. We found out about that after a user asked Phil Spencer on Twitter about a family Game Pass plan. And Phill Spencer responded that he was aware of the problem and that it is something they would be thinking of doing.

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Have you considered a ‘family’ plan for Game Pass? Something similar to how Spotify or Apple Music charge more to allow up to 5 members of the same household to access the service. As someone with multiple consoles at home, I would gladly pay for this! Thank you!”


We have. It is something we would like to do. There is a feature for a home with a console, but for multiple family members with consoles, a family plan would help. I really appreciate the comments.

As Spencer points out, a single console household can already share Game Pass on that same console between accounts. But A Game Pass Family Plan would open up subscription to even more consoles In the home. It is not yet clear when they would introduce the new plan, or even if they will eventually do so. But clearly Spencer has said that they “have” to do something about it because it is a portion of the market that they are missing. We will have to wait to see what the future of this will be. In any case, it would surely be one of the best accessories after even CNN said the best gift for Christmas is a Game Pass subscription.

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