Throughout the different titles of the Halo saga, we have seen that the arsenal of weapons that has been offered is truly enormous. And in all that variety, we find weapons of different species with very particular functions that have become icons of the license. As they have wanted to make known from 343 Industries, the Halo Infinite arsenal is going to be more extensive and qualify that Halo Infinite will have a new weapon in the saga.

This information would come from the last chapter of the series of videos that 343 Industries publishes on its YouTube channel, where they wanted to dedicate a chapter to questions from the community. It was there that they wanted to show that the work to make Halo Infinite bigger, continues its course and among the questions they have wanted to delve into the aspect of the arsenal that the players will have.

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And around the arsenal, they have confirmed that there will be weapons that will return, as well as they have wanted to create an additional expectation by confirming that Halo Infinite will have an unprecedented weapon in the saga, more concretely, “A weapon never seen to date.” After all, if we look at the games that have been released, we mostly find the same weapons over and over again. Not that it is something that dissuades players, because each and every one of them has become emblematic weapons from an arsenal that defines this saga.

An important change arose with the passage from the original saga to the new saga, but now it is again relevant that the arsenal has something new to all those weapons that users want to have the opportunity to use again. It is a new step on a path that wants to take the saga to a new concept. We already know that Halo Infinite will bet on offer something closer to a sandbox and leaving aside the linearity that has characterized it to date.

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The bad thing is that there is still a long wait for Halo Infinite to see the light, after a significant delay that prevented it from seeing the light on the launch day of the new generation consoles. For now, the only thing that is known of its launch is that it would arrive in Fall of this year for both Xbox One consoles, as well as for the new Xbox Series X / S and PC. We will have to keep an eye on these 343 Industries chapters for new information in the coming weeks.

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