Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, impressions from the second beta weekend

Finally, even Xbox One and PC users have had the opportunity to test the next episode of Call of Duty first hand. But not only; with the second week of beta, the developers of Infinity Ward have given us the opportunity to taste new content from theirs Modern Warfare. In particular, we were able to play two new modes (clash and land warfare), try new maps and notice some, small changes made to what we had already seen during the last week. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try the beta yourself, then, don’t worry; we are here to tell you our impressions.

Infinity Ward

Small news

First of all, let’s start with the innovations that have been introduced compared to what we had already seen over the last weekend. Now you can choose your own field stand, which previously was only the movable shield; from the main menu, we can in fact select one of the numerous alternatives available (not all unlocked in the beta), including ammunition supplies, reconnaissance drone, the dead silence skill and others. For the moment, we have remained faithful to the mobile shield, which on more than one occasion has provided us with a safe shelter from enemy fire, especially useful in mode as headquarters or domain, as it is of fundamental help in the conquest phase of the ‘target. Another change concerns the “night vision” mode; if before the game started with the viewer already worn and it was not possible to do without it, now the possibility of wearing the viewer at will has been introduced. For the rest, we haven’t noticed any big changes compared to last weekend; we report that the minimap seems to have been definitively reintroduced after the absence from the first days of beta, given the great demand from fans.


The first of the new modes introduced in the second beta weekend is “clash”, an extremely dynamic type of game, designed for teams of two players. For now, only one map is available for this mode, which obviously is small due to the small number of players. Each round we are given a random paraphernalia, so you can’t rely on your favorite gun, but you will have to adapt to what the game provides you from time to time. Thanks to the small size of the map, the matches are extremely fast, but at the same time a tactical coordination between the two players is necessary; throwing yourself openly in the middle of the map will never be the correct choice, because in all probability we will go to expose ourselves to the fire of one of the enemies, stationed where we least expected it. Tactics and dynamism, therefore, are the watchwords of this modality, which has been able to entertain us by offering a different experience than that of a classic Call of Duty match.

Ground war

Last but not least, the real novelty of this week, the “land war” mode, the most ambitious among those presented so far for the new Modern Warfare, which will host 100 players in the same game. In beta, this number has been reduced to 64, but the number is still impressive when we consider the standards it comes from (except for Black Ops 4’s “blackout” mode). In “land warfare”, we are catapulted into a map of truly generous dimensions, on which multiple respawn points are available. The goal is to conquer these objectives, allowing our team to have the most strategic spawn points, as we try to take home victory with kills. In essence, therefore, this mode could be compared to a sort of “headquarters” on a large scale. Obviously, dealing with an opposing team of 32 players completely changes the approach to the game, because the bold and tactical advance possible in the other modes is made more difficult.. This is even more true for the presence of vehicles. After years of absence, in fact, the vehicles make their return on Call of Duty: on this map, it is possible to drive an AV and a tank, and both have seats for more than one player, each assigned to a specific role. Their presence helps make this mode a pleasant chaos to immerse yourself in, with a total change of pace from what the rest of this Modern Warfare offers. In some ways, the presence of the vehicles brought us back to the old Call of Duty 3, the only other chapter of Call of Duty that could count on their massive presence in the online component. We weren’t expecting to find something like this in the new Modern Warfare, and we have to say that it really surprised us on the positive side.

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